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Health & Education

Maison de Répit - Belle Étoile


Pierre-feu du Var, France

Product used

Moment, cork Go

Maison de Répit is a rest home for autistic children located at Pierre-Feu du Var. It's supported by the association "Un pas ver la vie" (A step towards life) and accomodates children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. The creation of this space comes from the need of local families to support their children and give them a space where they can play and relax to help relieve emotional stress. The project of the house was put together with the children's families as to create a soothing living environment: materials, forms, colours, everything was conceived to give these children spaces where they can feel protected. The benefits provided by a cork flooring were crucial to this project, as children need a quiet and warm space, resistant to impacts and that provides a sense of overall comfort.

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