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Walking on overly hard floors creates energy that moves upward towards our muscles and tendons, causing them to vibrate. This is caused by the impact of our heel with the floor. These vibrations, with time, hurt our feet, legs, lower and upper back, creating an excess of tension. Too soft floors cause fatigue and aren't easy to walk on. This can be better understood when walking for 45 minutes straight on soft sand. Softer than laminate and harder than carpets, Amorim Cork Flooring floors are the perfect mix to reduce heel strike impacts and related body tensions, but stable enough to help the foot impulse and provide the needed stability to reduce effort on walking and decrease body fatigue.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Compliance with the strictest indoor air quality standards after being tested on over 2000 potential chemicals.

French regulation on VOC emissions

French certification, that classifies products according to their level of voc emissions. Our products have been classified at the highest level (A+).

Greenguard certification

Greenguard North-american certification identifies products that have low chemical emissions, improving the air in which they are used. Our products are awarded with the GOLD certification. A stricter certification criteria that ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.


Tüv-Proficert is a transnational certificate for voc-emission and air quality, certifying that a product complies with different national regulations such as AgBB (Germany), Belgian voc regulation, Finnish M1, breeam, leed v4 (outside North America), ral -uz 120 and Austrian Eco Label (Guideline uz 56). In October 2018 Amorim Cork Flooring was the first flooring company to achieve tüv certification at its highest level - Premium.

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